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Hospitality, Chef, & Restaurant Manager Job Boards

  • - I'm really not that familiar with this site but have been told by a couple of Chefs that it has a very good selection of Chef and Culinary specific jobs in hotels, clubs, and restaurants. Requires registration to view job details but at least you can search first to see if there are any jobs listed in your area. A quick check of it showed they even had a couple of hotel/restaurant management and F&B positions.

    Here's a page on their site that lists direct links to each individual job category so you don't have to register or post your resume to see the job details -

  • / Restaurant Management Careers (RMC) - Not a job board per se, but still a great resource. They host their own Restaurant Management Job Fairs (aka Career Fairs) and organize "Restaurant Management Open Houses" every week for companies across the country. Both types of job events allow you immediate, face-to-face interviews with recruiters from these companies - just grab your resumes and go!! Also, if you send them (RMC) your resume or sign up for their updates, they'll email you with opportunities as Job/Career Fairs & Open Houses are scheduled in your area.

  • Foodservice Recruiters, Headhunters & Executive Search Firms - Similar to (see below), this site lists restaurant mangement recruiters by state. It looks like they are still in the process of adding recruiters but check it out and see if they have any headhunters listed for your area. If you don't find anyone listed for your state, checkout the surrounding states as most recruiters cover several or they may network with other recruiters that do job searches in your area.

  • - This appears to be the biggest restaurant specific job board. Includes management and hourly jobs as well as seperate sections for both restaurant and hotel/hospitality positions. Be aware that sometimes you have to wade through a lot of hourly positions to find the chef and management jobs.

  • : Directory of Restaurant Management Recruiters w/ Jobs for Managers & Chefs - A site listing only Chef and Restaurant Management Recruiters (aka Hospitality Headhunters, Executive Search Firms, etc). This was just the kind of site I needed the last time I was job hunting. has also launched a sister site that includes jobs from recruiters AND restaurant companies. Still new, but growing quickly - (aka

  • / Jobs - Domestic & International Hotel/Resort/Club job board featuring management, chef, and sales positions.

  • - Not a huge selection of jobs, but what they have seems to be of very good quality. Mostly hotel/resort/club type Food & Beverage Management and Chef positions.

  • National Restaurant Association. - Their job board is actually directly from so if you've been there, then there's no need to go here.

  • - Job board specializing in restaurant jobs at all levels.

  • NEW - - Another job board specializing in restaurant jobs.

  • - Probably the #2 Restaurant Job Board for Managers. A number of the big restaurant chains post here.

  • - Probably the #3 Restaurant Manager Job Board.

  • - Like Chef2Chef, this site requires registration to submit a resume.


Restaurant/Hospitality Job sites I haven't explored yet. Give them a try!

Update! I just realized that I had been neglecting another important Hospitality niche - Cruise Ships. (Will try to find some more and write a summary of each as time permits.)

AND we shouldn't forget the mainstream job boards such as:

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