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Restaurant Management Resume & Job Search Tips

  • Resumes - I am still searching for sites that have good information regarding writing a hospitality/restaurant management resume or chef's resume. While I continue the search, follow these basic tips:

    • Your resume should be kept to no more than 2 pages in length
    • Keep the description of your job duties/responsibilities short and concise
    • DO USE lists/bullet points to highlight your accomplishments for each company/restaurant management job you've held
    • NO pictures
    • NEVER use a font smaller than 8 as anything smaller is almost impossible to read when your resume is faxed. If they can't read your contact info, they aren't going to be able to reach you!
    • If you are faxing your resume, make sure the copy you are using is on plain white paper. Colored or textured paper will result in a hard to read resume on the receiving end.
    • NEVER send anything that includes your SS#, or other such personal data until you have met with the particular company or recuiter. I've actually seen people send in credit reports, DMV reports, armed forces discharge papers, etc to "blind ads" (ie. no company name or information, just a job description and a fax number or email address) BEFORE they have even been contacted or invited to interview. This is just asking for trouble in the form of identity/credit theft.

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  • Tools
    • Open Office Suite - Make sure you send your resume in the correct format! The "standard" document format for most resumes is ".doc". If you do not already have access to a word processing program that allows you to create and save files as "doc" formatted files, then I suggest you take a look at Open Office.

      It's a FREE (my favorite word) full featured office suite that allows you to create, edit, save, etc documents & spread sheets. It has just about every function that most people use on a daily basis and the tools and layout are very similar to the major office suites that would cost you hundreds of dollars to buy.
      • Open Office's document/word processing program is called "Writer"
      • The spreadsheet program is called "Calc"

      IMPORTANT - Make sure you change the extension to ".doc" when you save the your resume/document, otherwise it will be saved using the Open Office document extension ".odt" and not as a ".doc" document. You can permanently set it to always save documents as ".doc" files by opening "Writer" going to "TOOLS > OPTIONS > LOAD/SAVE .>GENERAL > then in the bottom right hand corner of this dialogue box under "Always save as:", scroll up in the dropdown box and select "MS Word 97/2000/XP" > click "OK" . You are done! All your document files should now save as ".doc" files automatically.
  • Résumé Writing from Monster

  • Hospitality & Restaurant Recruiters / Headhunters / Executive Search - When working with a recruiter, I HIGHLY recommend that you talk with them BEFORE you send a resume. Make sure they have YOUR best interests at heart and you're not just a "piece of meat" to them.

    Thankfully there aren't many shady hospitality/restaurant recruiters out there - but there are a few. It's IMPORTANT that you are comfortable with the person or recruitment group that will be representing you.

    If a recruiter doesn't list a phone number in their ad, website, or job posting, contact them via what ever method they are using and give just a brief summary of you background (no company names - just general info about your experience and skills - ex.. type of operations, positions held, restaurant sales volumes, # of staff supervised, etc) and ask that they contact you and provide you with THEIR contact phone number so you can speak with them first and decide whether you want them to be representing you. This way if they are shady, they can't start "shopping" you around without your permission. Stay FAR away from any recruiter that sends your resume out without getting your specific permission to do so first.

    A good hospitality recruiter will want to get to know you, what you are looking for and you want out of a new job. They should want to know more about you so they can ensure a good fit for both you and the company. REQUIRE your recruiter to contact you and get your approval for EACH and EVERY restaurant/hospitality group he/she wants to submit your resume to BEFORE they send it out. If they are sending your resume out to any and every company they represent without your express permission, then they might not have your best interests at heart.

    Do not let a recruiter snow you by saying they had to move quickly to make sure you were considered; or they tried to reach you but couldn't so they sent it anyway knowing you would approve. BS!! If you are that good of a restaurant manager, chef, etc, the company will still be interested in you no matter when they get your resume.

    IMPORTANT - NEVER pay a recruiter for finding you a job! They should be making their money from the companies they work with. These (good) restaurant recruiters are referred to as "Fee Paid" recruiters/search firms/headhunters.

    When a restaurant hires a manager or chef presented to them by a search firm, they pay the recruiter a finders fee/placement fee (at least $1500-$2000 on the low end, and at least 10% or more of the yearly salary on high end operations managers and corporate executive candidates). If a "recruiter" ever asks YOU to pay for their services, even if they say it is refundable, I suggest you stand up, turn around, and head for the nearest exit!

    Always be absolutely honest when dealing with your recruiter. Tell them what restaurant or hospitality companies you have interviewed with and any that you have already submitted your resume to.

    Also let them know of any "skeletons" that may be in your closet (felonies, DUI's, a sexual harassment issue, etc). They will let you know whether the issue will put you out of the running with any of the restaurants they represent and may be able to help guide you in how to present yourself and the issue in the best possible way during an interview.

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